Jason Momoa holds a So iLL x On The Roam Pink Dirt Bag while overlooking a view in Jordan

Jason Momoa and So iLL Founder, Daniel Chancellor, were introduced through a mutual friend in LA and sparked an immediate connection after finding out their involvement in climbing started around the same point in time. In Jason’s words, “Climbing found me, it blessed me, and I fell in love with it.” Jason Momoa had been a long time fan of the So iLL brand and this relationship quickly sparked into a friendship. Jason sought out his friends at So iLL to collaborate on a signature line of outdoor products (lifestyle approach shoes, climbing shoes, waterproof outdoor bags, and chalk bags) dedicated to honoring those who roam, with the intent of unlocking the free spirit inside us all. By definition, roamers are said to be aimless, but we prefer the term, unhindered, led by a spirit of freedom. We welcome you to the launch of So iLL x On the Roam collaboration by Jason Momoa. Prepare for what’s ahead.

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